Departamento de Microbiología

Pablo Rosas, J. Manuel León, Miguel Angel Moriñigo, Salvador Arijo, Alberto Medina, Patricia Díaz. Carmen Balebona, Silvana tapia, Irene García, Eduardo Martínez, Lucía Narváez, Olga Espinosa.


Our group has an important experience to carry out microbial diagnostics from diseased fish, and to characterize the bacterial pathogenic microorganisms detected. Other recent research item is the study about the intestinal microbiota of different farmed fish, and the influence that different factors exert on it.

Host-Pathogen interaction: The objetive of our research is to study the interactions between fish pathogen and host. The main aspects studied are the characterization of different virulent strategies of pathogenic microorganisms such as Photobacterium damselae subsp piscida and Vibrio harveyi.

Prevention and biocontrol: The scope of this research is the design of prophylactic strategies to control main pathogenic microorganisms affecting farmed fish, such as gilthead seabream and Senegalese sole. Other item is to isolate and to characterize different microorganisms from the of vaccines from the virulent strategies showed by the pathogenic microorganisms, and the use algae as immunostimulants.


Investigador Principal

Miguel Ángel Moriñigo Gutierrez +34 952 13 1862


Eduardo Martinez Manzanares +34 952 13 1891
Mª Carmen Balebona Accino +34 952 13 4233
Salvador Arijo Andrade +34 952 13 6650

Investigadores Postdoctorales

Patricia Díaz Rosales

Estudiantes PhD

Juan Manuel León Rubio +34 952 13 1879
Silvana Tapia Paniagua +34 952 13 1879

Estudiantes MSc

Pablo Rosas Ledesma +34 952 13 1879
Alberto Medina López
Alfonso Muñoz Vicente


Training school on methods for research on the effects of UV-B on plants

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