Biotecnología de algas

Investigador Principal

Dr. Roberto Abdala

CV email: teléfono: +34 952 13 33 37 fax: +34 952 13 73 86

Dra. Rosa Rico

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The research in the section of Algal biotechnology is focused on the production of biomass following an integrated approach: strain selection, optimization of bioreactors and evaluation of the biomass for industrial applications (photoprotectors, antioxidants and immunostinulants). In addition there is an area of expertise focused on the use of algae for biofiltration of (pig slurry, aquaculture systems). Regarding the later, we are involved in the project BIOPURIN, which comprises as main objective the use of biotechnology to solve the environmental pollution caused by swine manure. The project BIOPURIN includes the development of an integrated mixotrophic system (microalgae Botrycoccus btaunii or Chlorella fusca-bacteria) used for the detoxification treatment of swine manure and the production of algal biomass, biofuel, fertilizing water and compost. This system is expected to be optlmized up to a pilot scale at the end of 2010.
This research area is partially supported by collaboration with the company Mediterranean Centre of Photobiology (CMF) which offers the following Scientific-Technical Services:
  • Monitoring of solar irradiance in visible and ultraviolet range. Biological action spectra. Calibration of radiometers and spectroradiometers.
  • Assesment and tests for new sunscreen substances.
  • Antioxidant activity of algae extracts (enzymatic and non-enzymatic).
  • lmnunostimulant activity of algae extracts (Cytokine detection -IL-6, TNF-∝-).


Training school on methods for research on the effects of UV-B on plants

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