Información General


Líneas de investigación


  1. Cambio Climático en sistemas acuáticos.
  2. Efecto de la radiación UV sobre fotosíntesis, fotoprotección, asimilación de nutrientes, daño de ADN y Apoptosis.
  3. Producción Primaria en ecosistemas extremos.
  4. Ecofisiología de macro y microalgas.
  5. Recursos y Cartografía Vegetal.

Biotecnología de Organismos acuáticos.

  1. Biotecnología de biofiltración de efluentes (piscifactorías, granjas porcinas) mediante algas.
  2. Microbiología y acuicultura de peces.
  3. Fotoprotectores, antioxidantes e inmunoestimulantes de algas  y bacterias (probióticas).

Datos sobre proyectos del Grupo

 FYBOA Research Group

The FYBOA (Photobiology and Biotechnology of aquatic organisms) research group of the University of Malaga is investigating since 1995 on the effect of UV solar radiation and global climate change on aquatic organisms and ecosystems.  Biochemical and physiological processes are analyzed as DNA, protein and lipid damages, carbon and nitrogen incorporation (i.e. carbonic anhydrase and nitrate reductase activities), photosynthetic pigment accumulation (chlorophyll and biliproteins), in vivo spectral, absorption, photosynthesis as oxygen evolution or in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence associated to Photosystem II, photoprotection and quenching  mechanisms as dynamic  photoinhibition, xanthophyll cycle and the accumulation of UV screen substances (photoprotectors) i.e., mycosporine like amino-acids (MAAs) in red algae, phenolic compounds in brown algae and coumarins in green algae (Häder & Figueroa, 1997; Gómez & Figueroa, 1998; Figueroa et al., 2002; Villafañe et al., 2003; Pérez-Rodríguez et al., 2003; Gómez et al., 2004; Korbee et al., 2005, 2006). It has been reported that specific attenuation coefficient (Kc) is a good indicator of the acclimation capacity of algae in terms of photosynthesis to the increase of PAR and UVR (Figueroa et al 1997; Figueroa, 2002). In macrophytes, the absorptance has been related to morpho-functional aspects related to light and nutrients (Salles et al., 1996; Häder & Figueroa, 1997). The capacity of acclimation to UV radiation has been related to morpho-functional characteristics of macrophytes of Atlantic and Mediterranean coast of Southern Spain (Gómez & Figueroa, 1998) and of Patagonia (Gómez et al., 2004).

The interaction among different variables as UV radiation (ozone depletion) and nutrient (eutrophication) or temperature on photosynthetic metabolism has been studied. MAAs increased by both nitrate and ammonium availability suggesting that these substances can have several functions, UV-screen and antioxidant capacities but also reservoir of N (Korbee-Peinado et al., 2004; Korbee et al., 2005; de la Coba, 2007). The main research has been conducted in the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast of Southern Iberian Peninsula but other studies has been conducted in the Baja California in México (Aguirre von Wobeser et al., 2000), Patagonia of Chile ad Argentina (Korbee- Peinado et al., 2004; Gómez et al., 2004, 2005), Arctic and North Sea (Häder et al., 2000; Wiencke et al., 2000). Bio-optical studies of phytoplankton have been conducted in Atlantic and Antarctic waters (Figueroa et al., 1997; Figueroa et al., 2002; Piazena et al., 2002). The effect of UV on growth and reproduction of macrophytes has been also reported (Altamirano et al., 2000, 2003; Conde et al., 2007). The effects of UV radiation on photosynthesis has been studied in macroalgae growing in tanks in aquaculture systems (Aquirre-Von-Wobeser et al., 2000;  Cabello et al., 2000; Figueroa et al., 2009).  The research has been conducted in the frame of intensive international cooperation with Research European groups (Wiencke, Häder, Hanelt, Karsten, Argall and Bischof) and from Latin-America (Gómez, Cabello, Helbling, among others).

FYBOA group coordinated the Pilot UVR and PAR network and photoprotection in Andalucia (FEDER project 1FD97-0824) and participated in UE ProjectEldonet- Installation of an European light dosimeter network” (ENV4- CT96-0191) of the Program Environment and Climate.  The European ELDONET network is based in broad band radiometers of UVB, UVA and PAR, estimating in addition erythematic irradiance (Figueroa et al., 2000; Häder et al. 2001). Other broad band sensors used by FYBOA group in the control of UV lamps in tanning centers is the Macam radiometer (model UV-203) with UV-C (lmax= 254 ± 2nm, FWHM= 12 ± 2nm, UV-B (lmax=295 ±2 nm, FWHM= 19 ±2 nm) and UV-A (lmax=365 ± 2nm, FWHM=35 ±2 nm) sensors.  For PAR measurements, Licor radiometers (Licor-1000, Licor 250A) with underwater cosine corrected (Li-182 SB) and spherical quantum senor (Li-193 SB) sensors are used.

The spectral bio-optical research in oceanographic cruises has been conducted by using one monochromator Licor spectroradiometer (LI-1800 UW), Biosherical (PUV500/510) multifilter radiometer with channels at 305 ± 1nm (bandpass filter 7 ± 1 nm), 320 ± 2 nm (bandpass filter 11 ± 1 nm), 340 ± 2nm (bandpass filter 10 ± 1 nm), 380 ± 2nm (bandpass filter 10 ± 1 nm) (Figueroa et al., 1997, Figueroa et al, 2002). In addition,  FYBOA group is using channel silicon photodiode array  hyperspetral UV-VIS spectroradiometers  for terrestrial measurements, Sphere Optic SMS500 and for underwater,  Ramses ACC –UV (Trios Optical sensor) (Figueroa et al., 2009) .

In addition since October 2009, FYBOA research group has a NILU-UV multi-channel installed at the roof of the Central Building for Research of Malaga University. This radiometer provides global UV irradiance measurements at four wavelength bands centred at 305, 312, 340 and 380 nm, with FWHM of approximately 10 nm. It has also other channel for measuring photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) between 400-700 nm.

The calibration of the radiometers it is conducted by using Licor calibrator model Li 1800-02 provide by 200 W tungsten lamp and the calibration facilities of “El Arenosillo” Station of Spanish Institute of Aerospace technology (INTA).

FYBOA group has  investigated in cooperation with dermatologist the use of MAAs as UV screen and antioxidant substances for humans (De la Coba et al, 2009; Aguilera et al., 2009) presenting patents on the use of MAAs as antioxidants.


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